Get the Covid-19 Vaccine

We, Medical Centre Sprokholt & Chedi B.V,. are providing the Covid-19 to private people, we have the following packages (For 2 persons);

1) Get the Covid-19 Vaccine in Dubai;

    You will stay 3 weeks in Dubai in a 5-start Hotel;

    You will receive two injections;

    Price for this Package including Flight (Economy Flight) & Hotel is EUR. 12.500,=

    Price for this Package including Flight (Business Flight) & Hotel is EUR. 21.500,=

Medical Centre Sprokholt & Chedi B.V.

Medical Centre Sprokholt & Chedi B.V. is a Dutch private Clinic specialised in threatment with BacterioPhages and having a medical supply webshop.


A replacement for antibiotics ?

A small-scale preliminary trial concludes that bacteriophages - viruses that infect bacteria - might be a viable replacement for antibiotics in the future.

Please use Vitamine D3 on Docotors advise =================>

Our Services

Threatment 1.

Your Doctor or we are sending your Bacterio to the Lab in the USA, after a copple of weeks we will receive the Bacteriophage for


Threatment 2.

The customise threatment in the Netherlands is at this moment not possible, it will be available very soon.

Threatment 3.

Customise threatment by a Doctor. 

All the bacteriophages are coming from APT (Adaptive Phage Therapeutics) in the United States of America, they are producing GMP approved phages for the European Market. Information about APT is;

In september 2017, APT opened state-of-the-art BSL2 labs and phage manufactuering facilities designed to FDA GMP ICH Q7A and ISO Class 8 standards. This is the only facility of its kind specifically focused on rapid and precise delivery of phage

therapy. APT's facility is strategically located in Gaithersburg, Maryland - within 50 miles of FDA, BDRD, NMRC, Walter Reed Military Hospital, Johns Hopkins and NIH. APT's facilities are unique as they were designed from the ground up specifically for manufacturering patient specific therapeutic phage products. The facility includes a dedicated clean room and

separate phage amplification and purification lab that is built to GMP and GLP guidelines. There is an extensive set of standards operation procedures: for the use, cleaning and validation of equipment; the purchase, tracking and storage of supplies; and for training personnel.

APT's aseptic fill/finish facilities have been designed to overcome the biggest challenges related to our phage therapy approach. A typical drug compound (a small molecule or a biologic) with standard production techniques will take multiple days to set up and complete a fill process. APT's PhageBank includes hundreds of different phage so traditional manufactureringwould require years to complete inventory to support the clinical trials and longer to complete inventory for commercialization. That is unacceptable, so APT has made a signigicant investment in a state-of-the-art, first of its kind,

automated aseptic fill system that automates 6-log decontamination between batches per day per fill room and can be further

scaled up as required.